is a widespead alternative in contrast to the expensive silver jewellery, and therefore 
Zamak is more inexpensive and aslo more effective an gesides the metal alloy.



If you will get a long pleasure out of your piece ov jewelery, we will you recommand that
you do not wear yout jewelry during the gardening or during storting aktivities. Also it is
necessary to avoid the danger to get in contact with perfume, cream, haispray, fat or
chemicals. Please, do not rub the transparent suface of the jewelry, and do not brush
or plish it, because ths will damage the coating of silver.


Gently rubbing can remove a slight pollution with a soft sponge ans da detergent. Then
the jewel is rinsed by water and after that you can let the jewel dry.
A professional silver dipping removes a light discoloeration, a coating and a stain.
Some seconds dive the jewelry into the liquid, then remove the disolving with a soft
sponge and afterwards remove it with a detergent.

About us

Under the new jewelry-label "Barbara Böhnstedt" - beautiful jewelry for a strong woman - we offer an expressive, feminine collection in silver look.

In a small craftsman's establishement the moulds of jewelry are predominant produced
by our own designs and the are made by ZAMAK olloy.

After the cast of each piece of jewelry every piece will be further by loving handicraft,
and thereby it represents a unique in this ohn way.

Your Barbara Böhnstedt collection